Thursday, June 07, 2007

TooFly: Lookbook and more!!

Talented young artist TooFly sent me her lookbook last week. The images include both her both her art and product, but just as important, since the shot was directed and styled by her, we get an angle on her vision of the world. Urban magazines and rap videos often feature "round the way girls," but what's refreshing about Toofly's images is how the women in them are sweet, subtle, sexy and so much more complex than the average video ho. And do not get it twisted. I am never against women working for a dollar--no matter how little clothing they're wearing, but simply put, the world would be a better place if more women of color like TooFly were in charge of how their images are put out to the world.

Photo shoot credits:
Art Direction, Design, & Style: Toofly
Photographer: Lady Eyecon
Hair and Make-Up : Alexandra Casula
Models: Jadeone, MelyC, Sheena Lee

If you head over to TooFly's MySpace shop, you can purchase the items featured in her lookbook and more. Here's a sampling:

^^A limited edition print (I bought one of these and I adore it--it brings me MUCH happiness.)

^^Tee shirt

^^Tank top

^^Cosmetic bag,which comes in a variety of sizes.

She's also got a vinyl toy customized with her designs and some postcards, too.


Sound of Art said...

toofly is exactly that TOO FLY, the world has n't caught on yet.. but when they do.. watch out world..

Orios Designs said...

VERY DOPE!!! LOVE the Illmatic Estylo.
Your Killin them Toofly.
Keep it up!