Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kanye & His Momma

Kanye's been out and about helping his Ma promote her new book, "Raising Kanye." Here's some images of him and her from a New York book signing:

^^This one's cute 'cause you kinda get to see his softer side, but more importantly, check out how his Jordans. I'm hearing from retailers and just observing with my own two eyes that the kids don't seem to be as into the Jumpman this summer as they were last year. Lots of Nike yes, but not so much Jordan so it's interesting to me that Mr. West is putting them on.

^^Nice jacket, kid!

^^The book itself. I heard Donda interviewed on Wendy Williams today and it came out that they both used the same cowriter, Karen Hunter.

And here's a video of Kanye and his Mom making an appearance on the Ellen show. It's kind of a weird interview 'cause at first Kanye is just sitting there meekly as Ellen goes on and on about how talented and smart he is, then he starts talking all kind of smack, which is of course entertaining, but by the time the video ends, Ms. West has barely gotten in two words edgewise!

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Al said...


I just ran across CROCS’ chart - whoa!

They had an original favor and I didn’t smell up the scent. I am kicking myself.

For example, I found myself staring at them last year when you featured them in your top ten list and in your Coney Island post.

But as you know, contagions circulate at different speeds. Sometimes the style burns out before they hit the west side. Hell, they don’t even call it sneakers out here, they call it (brace yourself) “tennis shoes;” even though nobody plays friggin tennis. Crocs haven’t saturated out here. Outta sight, outta mind, outta opportunity. Ugh!

Another problem is all the amount of friggin stocks on the board. Everyone has a service (Value Line, Moodys, McGraw Hill, etc.) and the one I subscribe to reports on 250 stocks per week. If you spend 3 minutes on each report, you’ve got 750 minutes of reading. Even you rotated your reading, it would take 30 weeks to cover all the boards.

Still, it’s my screw up.

I am telling you, I learn much, much more from your analysis than from some useless sector report.

People would pay good money to read your weekly top ten list. You could have a lot of fun with it too. There’s a bunch of graphics, bells, whistles already floating in my head. You would even have to do it here, you could start a spin-off; call it “Blonde Bombshells.” Think of the traffic the name itself would produce. They’d come for the boobs but stay for the assets.

I’m not joking.

At the very least, you could do some more Street reports. This is your busy season, so I’ll wait till August to bug you about this.

Karen Hunter is a firecracker.

Here’s a clip I used back in Jan.¤t=biden-comments-response.flv