Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dame Dash interview for Footwear Intelligence magazine

Many of you probably think the world is round. I am here to tell you otherwise. Two weeks or so ago, I found the edge and fell off of it. I am still struggling with my time off the Earth (You'll never know how beautiful it is until you're two feet aren't standing on it!), but until I am fully recovered, here are the pages from the Dame Dash interview (click on images if you want to read--some of the things he said were really fun/interesting) I mentioned doing a while ago. I was gonna pull my favorite quotes, but I have to go buy beer for a couple of barbeques I'm going to today. Happy 4th my people!

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Sole Proprietor said...

Great interview Lois!! Dash always gives it to the interviewer straight with no chaser. His no frills mentality is something that speaks to me and I see many 'heads, that really pay attention to footwear, see the confusion by companies such as New Balance, K-Swiss and Reebok and say "No" to them forcing what they think is hot.

The retro craze has been milked dry for the past 3-4 years and cats are waking up to lines that are clean and colors that are classic and can withstand the test of time. The fad stuff is just that....a fad.

Great job and I hope all is good with you and the fam.