Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Long Time No Talk To

It's been a minute, hasn't it? The crush of deadlines has passed and I here I sit with delicious amounts of time on my hands. It's at these moments that I start thinking that I have to change the way I do my life. I feel like I've always had this adolescent tendency to only do stuff that I feel like doing. It's turned out wonderfully in that I actually enjoy what I do for a living, but I feel like that route has left my bank account lacking. As a result, I look at people who are much more motivated by the almighty dollar than I and I'm absolutely fascinated by them. They have better houses, furniture and all sorts of good stuff. How do they do it? Are they happy? I can't complain, folks, I really can't. I am blessed in many, many ways, but I wonder lately where this is all leading.

Huh. Oh well, I started this post intending to state that I'm not sure how much longer I should devote time to this blog given other blogging opportunities with more financial potential, but oh well, in typical teen fashion, it took me a whole five minutes for me to start backtracking on that very thought.

p.s. The above image is a photograph by photographer Lauren Greenfeld. It's called: "Sheena Tries on Clothes with her Friend Amber, 15, in a Department Store Dressing Room, San Jose, California" and it's the image featured on the cover of a book called "Girl Culture," which was published in 2002. In my humble opinion, it captures the power of girl teendom perfectly.


Al said...

We eagerly await your next incarnation.

Not cuz you’ve earned our interest and loyalty, not out of any sense of friendship, no, we do so for a plainly selfish reason -- the pure joy in reading your copy.

You make the saggiest subject sizzle, prompting us to see issues from new peaks, all the while forcing us to laugh as we climb (alotta times until it hurtz).

And yes, I have enough street cred and arrogance to invoke the royal “we”

Is July is over yet? I’m drowning in work, and Kei Igawa and Krazy Kyle have turned me into a chain smoker.

ya killin' me guys, ya killin' me -- literally

Lois said...

Hi Al: How are you?? I'm actually stuck in an airport in Pittsburgh, awaiting a long-delayed flight to Las Vegas. And hey, I just found the photographs you sent. I'm dying to know who took those. Tell!

Al said...

You mean the photos from the Mets game. Oh wow. This musta been your busiest season, yet. Actually, there’s a lotta that going around.

I got the pix from various wire services and then I developed them myself. People always “oooh” and “awwwww” and wonder, “how did you get the colors to come like that?” -- “what’s your secret?” -- “can you teach me?”

For the art I used on Isaiah’s card, I airbrushed in the text, along with some sunlight gimmicks. It look nearly life like.

The Jose signature is real. No need to be speechless. The hardest part was finding a pristine magazine cover (a plain ole baseball is unimaginative). I found the magazine in a card shop; they wanted a whole $3.99 – I was in shock, they even had it sealed in plastic.

As for the signature, they were in town in May, and it helps if you know what hotel they’re using and if you speak Spanish. When I was a kid, I used to die for autographs. Along the way, we found out the best way to strike gold was to stake out the parking lot. I got pete rose that way. There was Pete, walking into Shea wearing his 1970s leisure suit, big floppy lapels, hipster sunglasses, and Three Stooges mop-top (ahahahah).

The backordered stuff arrived. I need to wrap it/box it, so I’ll send it after the 31st.