Monday, July 30, 2007

Stuck in Pittsburgh

Btw, my people, I am currently stuck in Pittsburgh. I was trying to go the shoe show in Las Vegas last night and my flight out of New York was canceled thanks to a bunch of rain all up and down the East Coast. After three or four hours in Laguardia, I went back home and then returned to the airport this morning in hopes of getting on a flight on standby. I caught a flight to Pittsburgh, which arrived at 12 or so, but my connecting flight to Las Vegas won't be leaving until 8:30 tonight. Nice, huh? I'm gonna be hustling around that shoe show like a MANIAC tomorrow cause I leave back for New York tomorrow night on the red eye. And I know I've promised it before, but this time I am totally going to take pictures. I swear! The catch is that I will probably post all of them on ChicksWithKicks.

Anyway, this airport features a mall, so I'm going to go explore. Lol, only four hours to kill! Ahh well, at least I got some time to catch up on some blogging, which makes me feel good.

UPDATE (with pictures!!) I'm just about recovered from my evening meal, which started with Ben & Jerry's and ended with ziti from Zbarro's. And that my body has processed that nightmare meal, I'm starting to get that loser feeling, like anyone else would have been in Las Vegas by now. Given all the time on my hands, I took some pictures while I was here:

^^These are my latest footwear acquisition. I adore them. I don't know the real style name, but in my mind I call them my Coco Chanel Jordans. I bought them in one of those shoe boutiques on 14th Street in Manhattan and I might go back and buy the beige pair.

^^Outside of my Jordans, today I am Miss Asics as I am wearing an Asics jacket and carrying an Asics bag. A few months ago, I went to an Asics showcase and received an the jacket and overnight bag for my efforts. A lot of times the samples companies give out suck, but I ran all winter in the Asics jacket because it kicked ass in a million different ways, but mostly because no matter how freezing it got, it kept me warm. But this isn't an image of the jacket, it's the Asics bag that I also received. My son calls it his "Coach bag." I thought he was joking and playing off on the stupidity of designer stuff, but then recently he asked me if it really was a Coach bag. I like the way it looks and feels, but I'm not yet convinced of its durability. If I was walking along one day and the handle just ripped off from its mooring, I wouldn't be shocked.

^^I noticed today and yesterday in the airport that everyone is carrying these quilty bags. I kinda like them, but I kinda think they suck, too. This trend started as an ironic play on the grandmotherly nature of quilted, homespun looking bags, but now they're being carried by people who are not mean and vain fashionistas, but like the bags themselves, are nice and wholesome, which ruins the whole concept and inspires my disdain.


Al said...

Very, very nice -- all the way around (photography and jeans, included.).

is that white fudge next to ya quilty bag?? You go, Grrl.

The kid is sharp, isn't he. Not too many adults could ID a Coach motif.

Only your big toes are painted?

I like toe rings are due for a return. Lindsey, hope you're reading this. Rings would detract from your state issued anklet.

My Fall Collection said...

ah, but don't you LIKE the fact that very different people are wearing the same bag for very different reasons? it sort of warms my heart and makes me fond of humanity and how it expresses itself through fashion. and it makes me glad that i follow trends b/c otherwise i would've missed this... simultaneous motivation overlap.

fun post as always!

Lois said...

Hi Al: pedi AND mani, kid. And that is NOT my quilted bag.

My Fall: Part of me likes a nice, mass trend, but ehh, I got a big streak of snobista running through me and I like trends more when they're in their beginning phases.

Danielle said...

The designer most commonly associated with the "grandma quilty bags" is Vera Bradley & I've been a fan since high school. This particular pattern is kind of gross, but I've got a bunch of pieces by her that have really fun paisley patterns. She's also got this one print that's very middle eastern looking with tiny elephants that's probably the top seller right now. I'm from Westchester, which is overrun with with mean and vain fashionistas, many of whom are frequent buyers of the Vera Bradley line. All of my friends have multiple pieces by her, amongst the Betsey Johnson, Coach, and Dooney & Bourke bags. I might also add that I'm a fashion design student with a few years in the industry (several internships at major labels in high school) under my belt, so I'm not just pretending to be the authority on fashion here, I genuinely have a passion for it.

Basically, I just wanted to defend my girl Vera by saying that there are those of us who consider these bags a fashion staple, and are in no way similar to the wholesome country-bumpkins which you implicated as having an association with these bags.

Other than that minor argument, I would have to say that I agree with the majority of opinions you have stated on your blog. I just came across it today and I must say that it has been an enjoyable read overall. My only qualm is that the posts aren't nearly frequent enough to feed my newfound addiction!