Thursday, August 09, 2007

Magazine Round-up: Killer Females

I just read through a bunch of magazines and when I was finished pulling favorite pages, the theme was clearly females who have it going on when it comes to fashion.

^^Amy Winehouse up first. Amy isn't always on point fashion-wise--case in point this image--but I'll love her forever and always for her beehive, which continued to sport even when on her honeymoon in the Caribbean. So, big points for her ultimate, I-do-not-give-a-fuck-what-you-think take on life. (Source: Vogue Fashion Rocks)

^^Bjork: even better than the Winehouse beehive was the evening that Bjork wore her swan to the Oscars, an all-time great moment in f.u. fashion. In this image from Bust magazine, Bjork is sporting a crocheted costume which she wore for the art included with her recent CD release.

^^It's Kelis and this is TrendyNation. Need I say more? (Source: Vogue Fashion Rocks)

^^M.I.A. I'm not super crazy about how she's styled here, but we don't get a lot of images of her here in the U.S. and given that she's in my top ten, best-dressed list, she gets special priviledges 'round here similar to Kelis.

^^Here's RhiRhi as featured in a recent issue of Paper magazine. I thought this shoot was amazing, and while Kelis is looking great lately, I'm not convinced yet that she has the autonomy to become, as she states in the story, "the next Black Madonna." In the same article she graciously credits her recent style upgrade to stylist Mariel Haenn. Again though, did she choose the stylist or was she foisted upon her? I always like to give females the benefit of the doubt, but ehh, my Spidey senses are not feeling like she's an altogether independent woman. I could be wrong though.


Leila said...

could you post scans from Paper Magazine with Rihanna?

Lois said...

yes i can, leila. check the current post.