Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weeee!!! Yanks, Red Sux and Moi

Appropos of NADA, I'm excited to announce that next Thursday night, you will find me, yours truly, sitting a few seats to the left of the Yankees dugout, sipping beer and watching the Bombers take out the Boston Red Sux. Woo-hoo!

Dear great god of baseball: Though I realize I should content myself with not only fantastic seats but the opportunity to attend a game featuring one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports, I am going to push my luck and humbly submit a request for a Joba appearance. Please note that if this request will in any way compromise the Yankees chances at CRUSHING Boston, you are free to ignore.

And btw, if you're a Yankee fan and your not reading beat writer Pete Abraham's Yankee blog, you are missing out.

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Al said...

A) Doncha hate nosy people! Apropos of something, here’s a quick clip from the coincidentally titled Garden State

See if you can find the theme of today’s slideshows.

B) Yes, Virginia, Women ARE fucking cool

C) Bunch of Hot Dogs!!

D) Pop da corn, and watch 'da crowd go crazy

E) Home Plate Gossip

F) I gained 10 freakin’ pounds this summer, but I’m feeling sexy today (click on my name and then scroll to the bottom). So why not pop open some gratuitous, humorous, and sexy clips.

1) Roped-N

2) Hospitality

G) Last Tuesday, some girl jumped on field and tried kiss Reyes. Check the look on his face ahahahahah! He better get used to it, this happens to Jetes all the time.