Monday, September 17, 2007

Kelis: MissBehave Column

Betcha didn't know that Kelis writes a column for MissBehave magazine. I scanned for you, dear readers, but even if you click on it, it might be tough to read. In it, Kelis looks at how money affects relationships between men and women. It's not super deep, but I do like her conclusions, which I posted below.

"I'm a forward thinking modern female. I've posed a bunch of questions, so here's my take--leave the gold digging for the chickens and the birds. Expect more than money ladies. A man and woman should be partners. I business, partners play different roles equally important to the success of that business. Life and marriage are no different. so for all the jaded negroes Kanye spoke for, I suggest you made a T-shirt. Maybe the slogan could read something like: "Dig This: I Got Your Gold Right Here!"


Anonymous said...

miss behave and all their reader and WRITERS as re RETARDS!! shut up u fucking hoe bags

Lois said...

Oh my god, I haven't received a comment that hysterical in a loooong time. And you actually got here by doing a search for MissBehave posts on Technorati. Are you on a mission this morning or what?? Too funny.