Monday, September 17, 2007

Urban Outfitters Sueing Forever 21

Unbelievably, Urban Outfitters is sueing Forever 21, stating:

"...that Forever 21 has infringed on its copyrights related to some garments that it sells through its Anthropologie concept."

What comes around, goes around, bitches. For years Urban has been jacking designs from independent designers. The sucky thing is that Urban stole those designs knowing that the indies would never be able to defend themselves. Now that they've finally noticed that Forever21 is eating into their business, suddenly Urban finds the practice of copying offensive. Rich.

Urban's not the only business that has issues with Forever21. According to the article:

"A little Googling reveals that designer Anna Sui has a T-shirt out that incorporates a picture of Forever 21's founders on a "Wanted"-style poster, with "Thou Shalt Not Steal" printed at the bottom."

Many many moons ago, I did a little side work for a designer, who Sui contracted to make her knitwear. What was the method to Sui's design madness? She'd have her assistants shop the Downtown thrift shops and she would then pick out her favorites and send them over to the guy I worked with to reproduce.

Fashion can be a beautiful thing, but behind the scenes, there's tons of ugly.


Anonymous said...

thats funny, whenever i walked in urban outfitters i always thought they look like a cheap and bad reproduction of vintage clothes.

Anonymous said...

urban and sui are great f21 is obviously the knock-off