Monday, September 17, 2007

I Want to Thank God......and Al!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been posting around here much. Sorry, but I've been VERY busy watching Yankee games, as such, my absence could not be helped.

Before today, my last post was in August when I bragged about having great seats to a Yankee vs. Red Sux baseball game. I asked the Great God of Baseball to not only let the Yanks crush the Sux--which of course they did, sweeping the series no less--but to also allow for an appearance by the great Joba Chamberlain. As such, I am hereby sending my everlasting thanks to G.G.B. for making both of those requests come true.

Also, many many thanks to Al for coming through with an image from the game that features me. Yes, ME!

^^There I am to the right. And there's Robi to the left, waving to me shortly after hitting a crowd-pleasing homerun. He tried to get me to celebrate with him after the game, but I told him, I would be nothing less than a huge distraction and like the captain says, he needs to stay focused on winning each and every game. The sacrifices I make for the good of the team, I tell you.

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