Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Wyclef called into JAM’N 94.5’s “Ramiro & Pebbles Morning Show" last week and the reason the interview got a lot of attention is 'cause he stated that he believes Lauren might be bi-polar. That's interesting gossip and all that, but I thought the better part of the interview came before he decided to torpedo his old bandmate/friend/lover.

Prior to Wyclef calling in, the hosts were discussing swagger and whether or not a man needs money to have it. This argument is as old as the hills and one that Kelis wrote about in the column that I posted up yesterday. Predictably, votes broke along gender lines. Pebbles was arguing that a man without money can pull a woman based largely on his confidence and how he carries himself. "Women see potential in men," she said. Ramiro wasn't buying it. He felt as though a man's confidence is directly proportional to the size of his bank account.

I'm not going to say that there aren't women out there who are money-seeking missiles and that money matters not a wit, but most females are looking for more than just cash. The mating game is a very complicated one and somehow I doubt that Mother Nature set things up so that only men with a big stash would be allowed to enter the gene pool.

And when Wyclef finally called in, what did he say? He agreed with the ladies! He said that back in the day when he and his woman started dating, there were "mad dudes" in his hood with a LOT more money than him, but he was able to pull the woman who is now his wife 'cause "certain dudes just have that confidence in them." For added evidence, at the time he met her he was living with his Mom!

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