Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have a Very Rock Steady Holidays

Hello my people. This is just a quick note before I got out to do basically all my X-Mas shopping. Me and Mr. Procrastination, we are gooood friends.

This lil' video clip of "Rock Steady" as performed by Aretha Franklin is my gift to you. Should you be feeling a little blue or perhaps overwhelmed by the craziness that is December, the compilation of best-of clips of Soul Train dancers that starts off the video will both make you smile and renew your faith in humankind. About half way through the track it cuts to vintage Aretha singing the damn thing. I'd try and describe what it is that makes her so awesome in this clip (and anything else she sings for that matter), but it's a reflection of her legendary status that there are really no words that can describe how amazing she is. Who since has surpassed her? In a word, nobody.


Al said...


Pinstripes are thicker than water, ya know.

Here’s some buzy-season snacks:

Manny parties like the rock star he is.

Sometimes I feel funny for liking Manny and Papi. But damn it, their smiles and ‘toods are infectious.

Joba shines nicely in this recent clip.

The “rare” ARod interview. The one on the net is only 3 minutes long.

These boots were made for campaigning…

A Christmas flurry (top to bottom).

Scarlett in Des Moines

Obama Grrls are smokin’

Here’s sending YOU TWO the strongest possible vibes. It must be SWEET having a Rockstar/All-Star for a son – the stardust, the luster, the adulation.

Then again, you've always been a STAR, too.

Al said...

Opps, I fumbled the code:

1. Manny Ramirez clip

2. Joba clip

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