Friday, January 26, 2007

Lemme See Your What??

My son has been bugging me for a while to get a pierced ear. I keep saying no cuz I just feel like he's too young and on a boy, I just think it sends a wrong message. You know, like maybe he's a little bit of a bad boy. But then the other day we were watching the ODB's "Brooklyn Zoo" video and my kid was feeling his grillz, and I was thinking, what the heck, unless he smiles, people aren't gonna see them anyway. So we went out and got him a set. And wouldn't you know? Now he wants bottoms, too! Kids these days, I tell ya!

^^Smile for me Daddy!


YankeeDude said...

Isn’t he Gorgeous

Those features… and such a rich color

You’re an artist, Lois

When they perfect stem cell research, ya gonna make a mint creating reproductions and originals.

This stock is rated a BUY !!

Lois said...

Thanks dude! And he made those "grillz" all by his lonesome! His idea and everything.