Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My foot, which was injured by new shoes a week or so back is fully healed, but yesterday I was running in Prospect Park and at about halfway around the park, I looked to my left and at the corner of my eye caught some guy in the distance staring at me. Next thing I knew I was lying face down on the ground. My foot got caught up in some pretty gnarly tree roots, but it was obvious to me that the man put a jinx on me. I'm just hoping it wasn't about "throwing a hex on a whole family." (Hat tip to Kim).

Having read that article in the New York Times which argues that one should continue to exercise through injuries, I soldiered on. The pain in my knee went away pretty fast, but I noticed how the second I stopped running, my hand started throbbing. Running is such an excellent drug--I love it! So yeah, now my precious running pants are all muddied up, I got a hole in my hand and my right knee is all swolled up.

The other thing that's going on my life is the continuation of my tragic crush. I've had my share of them in my life, but I've gotten a wicked pragmatic streak and have been good about not lingering too long on b.s. relationship fantasies that are going nowhere fast. This one, however, has hung around an annoyingly long amount of time, I'm guessing in part cause the person's in my face a lot, but also cause any sort of relationship with this guy would violate at LEAST three of my personal Ten Commandments of life, making it that much more interesting. It's like, just how destructive can I be? Could there actually be new heights that I have yet to scale??

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's hearing friends blather on forever about relationships that either aren't going anywhere or, worse yet, can't go anywhere so let me just apologize right here and now for even bringing this stupidity up at all.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but much more important, it's the first dia of pitchers and catchers for the New Yawk Yankees. That's right, people, time for you to FEAR THE EVIL EMPIRE for another season!


Butterfly Jones said...

Did Lois Sakany just get personal on us?!? And no one commented?!? Gurrrlll, nice to read your musings again. I had my head down in work for a long London minute. Ahhh I hear that, my crush lasted a looong time too. But we all go through it girl, no biggy.

I'm about to re-start running again as I been a lazy beeyatch. Just treated myself to new sportswear, I love Adidas, but usually always buy Nike gym gear, go figure. I'm planning to treat myself to some proper running sneakers at a proper running store...(Nike free zone) once I complete my 21 day goal of exercising for 30 minutes daily....wish me luck! Think I might need one of those jackets too....

YankeeDude said...

please, NO apologies. We love ya yarns and anecdotes.

This broadsheet has a lot of hits: Gags! Satire! Self-deprecation! Financial dope (YES, when Lois barks, Wall St. JUMPS)! Tall Tales! Rants! Pop! Street! Vignettes! Eye Candy!

And your journeys are the Sunday Mag.

I know this guy. He’s cool. You can’t really blame him for getting’ in ya grillz, he has a pulse.

I think he has a pulse ? Well, his eyes have the standard reaction.

True, being a guy, your curves got’em going. But you know there’s more - I hear his bark - the dude’s ya Dawg.

Maybe cuz, he too was raised by first generation Italians, he brings to mind the best frame of the Yankee Clipper: no matter what the circumstance, no matter where you are, no matter who ya with, he’ll always have ya back.

I tell ya, these annoying loyalist…

‘sides, knowing you, you wouldn’t want some dude who bagged out easily and who couldn’t feel all the layers in a rainbow.

Lois said...

Ha! Both of you are funny. The crush continues onward, btw, but ehh, I'm convinced I've got in under control. The ball is in MY court dammit! But yeah, as for posting personal ish, I take a long time to thaw, plus as a reporter, I'm far more at ease with getting info out of other people than vice versa. But you do you thing, B, with those 21 days! That sounds totally doable! To be honest, I like the calories I give up when I run, but I swear it's more about my mental health.